Poem, Untitled

Do you deny me even now

  my lips declare

    this hasty vow?

Be aware

  my supplication

     is curs-ed hope

Wrenched, thus broken.

Molten pyrope

  drip thee down

    in passion’s inferno

I must drown

  as sweet notturno

    beckons deep

Wax moon floating…

Time to sleep.

Mired betwixt

  rapture and pit,

    I slink amidst

False graven writ;

   must this be

     my epitaph,

All of this, lamentably?

Words suffering thine autograph

  ages passing raise the mask,

    shroud perjured lines:

Permit to bask

  in veiled crimes,

    flagitious past.

Empyreal pearl…

Play is cast.

Son of ignobility

  dashing he, his artifice swayed

    pensive geniality,

from daughter of none, unwitting cade;

  never perceiving all the while

    pyrite aglitter

In his smile.

Bound fast by sacred scripture,

  cord-looped wrists

    I bore the future,

Ignored his trysts

  denied the rumour

    followed his call

Crescent waning…

See them fall.

Then the wee ones

  lying down

    wary of the blade he hones

Quite oblivious to my frown

  beg, have mercy

    take these crowns

Ah, but he was much too thirsty!

All is lacking, all I gave

  fractured cries

    cannot save

Though I see ‘neath his guise

  Flee in vain

    I must comply

Sinking moon…

Tonight we die.


2 thoughts on “Poem, Untitled

  1. It’s beautiful and macabre. The archaic wording gives it a gothic feel. Having said that, I have no idea what it’s about. I’m dense that way. And honest. Perhaps the narrator is walking through a graveyard awaiting a confrontation with a murderous villain? At first I thought, he/she was dead, but the last line “tonight we die” nixed that. And what’s in the power of this gem “aglitter in his smile?” Very mysterious.

  2. I think the problem is that time shifts around…one moment she’s begging, then she’s dying, then she’s stuck in some almost purgatory, then she relives how she got to the dying part. I honestly wasn’t sure what I was writing about when I started. I still wonder if it needs more verses for better explanation and if some of the verses need to be shifted around. I THINK it’s about a woman who miraculously managed to be one of the few who owned property, only to be bamboozled by a man who wanted her property and finances and was willing to go to any lengths to obtain it solely for himself. I didn’t make that very clear, though, not even on my side (and I’m supposed to know what I’m writing about!). Well. It was an exercise that may turn into something better. I suppose the best advice for getting started writing is to not worry about where one is going too much. One can figure that out later, and clean up.

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