The blog is a work in progress: undefined, non-linear, and without scope.  Perhaps sense can only be found by following the twisted threads looping under and over and back amongst one another; I certainly don’t know where I’m going.  I guarantee nothing, and so far my post schedule is erratic at best.  I hope to someday add some short stories and poems to the site.  Also, eventually there will probably be pictures.  Or color.  Something to ease the bleakness of the landscape, and make my little internet residence a home.

The blog’s author is a confused misfit who lives with her personal Mr. Wonderful in a place quite removed from the mythical joys of Far, Far Away and Cloud Nine, though that doesn’t stop her from daily visitations. Her grasp on sanity is tenuous, and she has an applied psychology degree to prove it.  Besides, sometimes she writes about herself in the third person.  Mostly, she just writes.


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